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Home Life Is Better Than Hostel Life

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Home Life Is Better Than Hostel Life
It is said that, ''East or west, home is the best.'' This is a true proverb but we cannot deny the importance of hostel as well. Hostel is a place where the students from outside the city can stay. Usually the boys or the girls stay in a hostel for studying purpose. They do not stay their for pleasure. There they get proper atmosphere to study. My younger brother Asif also lives in hostel.
Asif came home during the Autumn Break, for about a week, and met his friends, whom he had not been able to meet, during the last 2-3 months, as now he was staying in a hostel. He was daily surrounded by them, as they were also equally, keen to learn from him about his new experiences, at the college, as well as the play-field.
One day one of his friends expressed a wish to be in a hostel, whereupon Asif had to remark that he was not right, in wishing for the hostel life and that their home life was far better than the hostel life of big cities. He had various points in support of his belief. These are some of the important arguments put forward by him.
Early in the morning, when one gets up from the bed, one finds either father or mother, or some brother, sister or other near and dear one, in a home, while in the hostel it is the same room-mate, or a bearer carrying a tray with cups, full of cold tea, being served, while one is in bed. You feel like greeting your parents or others, while in a hostel, you are terribly annoyed with the servants disturbing your sleep, so early.
There either for cleaning, sweeping or for your meals, you have to struggle a lot, as no one appears to be the least bothered about you, or your other friends. There every thing is so stereo-typed.
In the evening also you generally do not get your hot cup of milk, coffee or tea, or you have to remind the servant, day in and day out, for your share of meals.
One misses the home life most in a hostel, especially on the eve of festivals,  it is not always possible to go home during every vacation, big or small. The friends and relatives are, in the hostel life, missed the most.
Whether it is meals or sleep, games or study, cleanliness or comfort, home life is better than hostel life.

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