Monday, 30 September 2013

To A Friend Inviting To Spend Summer Vacation With You

To a friend inviting to spend summer vacation with you

(City) A.B.C.
My dear Friend,
I came to know that your school will close in a few days for summer vacation. My school has already been closed today. It will reopen in September, 2013. I would like you to come over here to spend the vacation with me.
You know that Lahore is very famous its beautiful historical buildings. You will have a golden chance to visit these historical buildings. We will have a lot of fun and joy in visiting every place that is worth seeing in Lahore.
My parents also wish you to spend your holidays here with us. Sameer is also coming. Surely we shall have a jolly good time. There are a lot of parks. We will enjoy its sights. We shall also take photographs that will always remind you of your visit to Lahore.
Write me the date and time of your arrival as soon as possible so that I could receive you at the station.
Pay my regards to aunt and uncle and love to younger.
Yours sincerely,


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