Monday, 30 September 2013

Write A Letter To Your Father Asking Him To Allow You To Accompany A Friend To Muree

Write a letter to your father asking him to allow you to accompany a friend to Muree

City A.B.C.
My dear Friend,
I have been invited by my friend, Ahmad to accompany to Murree during the summer vacation. Ahmad's uncle is a Forest Officer at Murree. We shall have a good time there.
I request you to allow me to accompany him. I have not seen any hill station so far. Now I have an opportunity to see one. I assure that I will not waste my time. Ahmad is good at Mathematics. He will help me in making up my deficiency in this subject. Ahmad's uncle looks upon me as his own son. So you need not worry. I shall return in a week.
I hope you will allow me to go to Murree.
Your loving son,


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