Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Conversation The About Illness

Dialogue Writing

A conversation the about illness

Areeb: So. how are things going, Sahil?
S: Well to be honest Areeb, I was feeling great on Saturday, but I started to feel sick Sunday afternoon. I thought I'd get better but i feel worse than before. And I'm really worried because I'm scheduled to attend a business meeting on Friday so I have to be better by then.
A: Well what seems to be the problem?
S: Well I thought I had the flu but the doctor said it was just a bad cold. He gave me some medicine to take care of my stuffy nose and faver. I'm suppose to take the medicine three times a day after eating but it doesn't seem to help. He also told me to take rest for a day or so but I'm so busy these days.
A: Listen forget about that medicine! I have just the thing to get rid of bad colds. You see my mom is really into herbal medicine.
S: Oh no thanks.
A: Ah come on! Give it a try. You just make some of my mom's herbal tea and drink it four times a day. Believe me. You'll be up and dancing around in no time.
S: Dancing around in no time right? Well I guess Nothing else seems to be doing the job.
A: Great. I'll come by your place at 7:30. See you then.

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