Thursday, 31 October 2013

A dialogue between Making a reservation

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between Making a reservation

Harry: Can I help you?
Shahid: Yes please. I'd like to make a reservation.
H: Certainly. Can I have the name sir?
S: Yes My name is Shahid.... That's S-H-A-H-I-D
H: Well Mr. Shahid. When would you like the reservation for?
S: It is for four nights from the 3rd to the 6th of May.
H: Right Is that a single or a double room?
S: A double please preferably on the ground floor.
H: I'll just check if that's available.. I am sorry sir We have only one single room available on the ground floor. Would that be Ok?
S: Yes I'm sure that would be fine. How much would I have to pay?
H: Rs. 1500/ per night. It includes breakfast.
S: I see Ok..
H: Could I have the address and the phone number please?
S: Yes certainly. It's 103 Tech Society, Lahore
H: Ok And the telephone number.
S: ...........
H: Right so that's a single room on the ground floor for Mr. Shahid from the 3rd to the 6th of May.
S: That's right.
H: Ok Mr Shahid thank you for calling.
S: Thank you, Good bye.
H: Bye.

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