Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A dialogue between a policeman and student

  Dialogue Writing

 A dialogue between a policeman and  student

Policeman: Excuse me. Stop. The light is red.
Student: I'm sorry. I did not notice.
P: Most of the people are in hurry.
S: If a man is in a hurry, he has to violate a signal.
P: The signals are for you people.
S: But sometimes, they are very long.
P: It depends. Laws are for every body.
S: I don't agree. Laws are usually for the poor.
P: No one is rich or poor in the eyes of a law. It is equal to all.
S: But it usually does not happen. The poor are challenged and fined, not the rich.
P: You are mistaken. Throughout my service, I have treated equally.
S: Exceptions are there. You may do your duty honestly.
P: It is the same with everybody. If you are good, everyone is good.
S: It is not a general practice. I have different experience. If you do a good turn, you get a bad one.
P: No. Always keep in mind. Do good and have good.
S: It is an old saying now.
P: This is universal truth. It is ever green. It never becomes old.
S: O.K. If you say, I agree.
P: Thank you. One thing always keep in mind. Don't find fault with others. Always sweep before your own door.
S: Thanks for your advice. Good-bye.
P: Good-bye.

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