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A dialogue between a shopkeeper and a girl

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between a shopkeeper and a girl

Shopkeeper: Hi young lady. How may I help You?
Girl: Well...... Yeah. I'm looking for a Father's Day's Gift.
S: Okay. How about getting your father a new wallet?
G: Hmm. How much is that wallet?
S: Huh....which one?
G: The black one.
S: Oh. It's only for Rs. 200/-
G: Huh? That's too expensive for me. Do you have a cheaper one?
S: Hmm. How about this brown leather one?
G: Umm.... I don't think my father will like the design on the outside, and it doesn't have a place to put ID card. How much is it anyway?
S: It's for Rs. 150/-
G: Hmm. I don't have much money.
S: Okay. How much do you have to spend?
G: I'm not sure. Probably about 70 or 80 rupees. This is all I have.
S: Hmm. How about this tie?
G: That's real pretty, but the price tag says Rs. 90, and I know I don't have that much.
S: Well, let's say the tie is on sale. How about just Rs. 65/- What do you say?
G: Oh, thanks. I'll take it.
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