Thursday, 17 October 2013

A dialogue between a women and property dealer

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between a women and  property dealer

women: Is this the house you wanted to show us?
property dealer: Yes, madam.
w: It looks too small for a family of four.
p: I know it's smaller than you wanted, but it's one of the best houses in this locality.
w: How many bedrooms does it have?
p: There are two. The master bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate two children. You and your husband could use the smaller one.
w: I think we could manage this way. But don't you have any three-bedroom house?
p: I've one, but it's extremely expensive.
w: Okay, then how much would be the rent of this house?
p: It would be Rs.5000/-.
w: Does that include any of the utilities?
p: Yes. It includes gas.
w: Oh, It's an added attraction. But before I sign a deed of rent I would like for my husband to see it. How late are you open?
p: You may come at six. I' Il still be in my office.
w: That's good. Then see you in the evening. Thank you very much.
p: You're welcome

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