Saturday, 5 October 2013

Write A Letter To Your Friend About The Profession You Wish To Adopt

Write a letter to your friend about the profession you wish to adopt

City A.B.C.
My dear ............
n your recent letter you have raised a basic question, about the choice of a profession. No doubt, everyone has to face the question in life, which is most baffling to answer satisfactorily. It is up to the parents and teachers do diagnose the germs of inclination in their children, and thus to guide them correctly in the direction of future profession. The role of the student is also very important.
I have examined all the existing and potential professions available in Pakistan. I have critically gone through all the possible professions, from central superior services to other government services and other professional fields. To me, a profession is meant not only to amass wealth or to get fat pay but it must aim at the fulfillment of certain definite goals.
I think that our homeland is today in dire need of good teachers teachers dedicated to the cause of teaching besides intellectual and spiritual uplift of the coming generations. Without really good and efficient teachers the whole structure of society is likely to rack and fall.
In view of the above please my vote goes in favour of the teaching profession.
Please convey my regards to your father and mother.
Your sincerely,


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