Thursday, 3 October 2013

Write A Letter To Your Friend Describing A Wedding Ceremony In Your Family

Write a letter to your friend describing a wedding ceremony in your family

City A.B.C.
My dear Friend,
I invited you but you could not come because of your Exams. I received your letter on Monday. I am very sorry that I could not reply soon, because it was the marriage of my cousin and I was very busy in the marriage of my cousin. I would like to tell you about this function.
The next day was ''Barat''. It came in time. The wedding procession was splendid. There was a beautiful military band with it. The young boys were dancing at the beat of the drum. After a while ''Nikkah'' ceremony was performed. Later the food was served to the guests.
In the end, the bride was brought among the guests and the rest of ceremonies were performed. At about 5 o' clock the ''Barat'' departed. During that whole function I missed you like anything. I would have enjoyed it more if you were present. Anyway pay my regards to your parents.
Yours sincerely,


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