Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A dialogue between a Guest and Haidar

Dialogue Writing

 A dialogue between a Guest and Haidar

Guest: Good evening,
G: God evening, Haidar How are you? Now do sit down. You must be tired.
H: Oh, I feel quite drained out. I'm quite washed out/ worn out.
G: We are meeting after ages. You visits are now few and far between.
Saima: Shall I make tea. Haidar? You want hot water don't you?
G: Taste this dish:
H: No, thank you.
S: Have just a little more, won't you! Don't stand on ceremony.
G: It's you own house. Don't observe any formality.
H: Thank you for your love. Good night.
Guest: Bye-bye.

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