Saturday, 2 November 2013

A dialogue between to cash a travelers cheque

  Dialogue Writing

 A dialogue between to cash a travelers cheque

Hamid: Excuse me can you tell me where I can cash a traveler's cheque?
Ayesha: Yes. Just go to the ''Foreign'' counter.
Ali: Yes please? Can I help you?
H: I'd like to cash a traveler's cheque in rupees please.
A: Righ May I see your passport please?
H: Sure here it is.
A: Thank you.
H: What's the exchange rate today?
A: It's 100 rupees to the dollar.
H: Right.
A: Would you sign here please at the bottom...Ok. Here's your receipt.
H: Thank you.. Oh what is this? You have taken off Rs. 200/
A: Yes that's the bank's commission.
H: Oh, I see.
A: So that's your amount.
H: Ok. Thank you.

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