Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A dialogue between two friends about designate wife

  Dialogue Writing

 A dialogue between two friends about designate wife

Rizwan: Good morning, Kamran.
Kamran: Morning, Rizwan. What brings you here?
Your visits are now few and far between.
Would you have a cup of coffee, Please?
R: Yes, I don't mind. But I have come on purpose. Could you help.
K: Yes, with pleasure. My humble services are at your disposal.
R: Let me open my heart to you. You know your neighbor's daughter, don't you?
K: Yes, I'm on very intimate terms with the family. But what's the matter?
R: Well, how about my marrying Sana?
K: Good. Very good. The like of Sana is rare. You cannot but marve! at her excellences.
R: But she isn't beautiful, is she?
K: Oh no, She is a beauty.
Her smile is one of her beauties. hat lovely hair she has! her silken hair and silken voice can win anybody's heart. She is a cute.
R: But is she too tall for her age?
K: Oh, no. She has a very charming and pleasing personality. She doesn't look her age.
This girl is a smasher.
R: But what is she doing at present?
K: She is doing her B.A. with music. She is a girl with on artistic temperament and has a very sweet temper.
R: Do you think she won't twist her husband around her finger?
K: I'm sure she will be a good wife and you will make an excellent husband.
Thank your lucky stars.
 But I must tell you that her family isn't rich enough to offer you to a big dowry.
R: But dowry isn't any important consideration with us.
K: Then the sooner you get married the better. May I offer you my congratulations in advance.
R: A million thanks.

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