Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A dialogue between two friends on the road

  Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends on the road

Ali: Why are you so home-sick?
I don't like a stay at home like you.
 Let's go out and have some fresh air.
Haidar: But where to go for an airing?
Do you like that park?
A: Why not the road itself?
It's an interesting place, isn't it?
H: These road are hard and black.
But their heart is soft.
They love everybody a like.
A: Yes, they bear the footsteps of farmers and soldiers, of kings and beggars with equal pleasure.
H: Look at this sight.
Here goes a car carrying a lovely bride!
And there goes a truck with a dead body!
A: Yes, the great drama of life goes on all the time the picture of life and death of wealth and poverty and of joys and sorrows.
H: But don't stand on the road to enjoy beauty and colour.
Don't you hear bells and horns?
A: What a rush! And what a speed!
H: Yes, but how well it is managed! Only keep to the left.
You will have no trouble.
A: But look at this boy. He hazn't learnt this lesson.
He is frisking about.
H: I am afraid the road may become his grave too soon.

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