Saturday, 16 November 2013

A dialogue between two friends on railway platform

  Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends on railway platform

Farrukh: How long the platform is! It looks like a road.
Ali: But a road isn't so wide.
F: Nor so noisy. What a madding crowd over here!
A: What a rich variety of men and women!
 And what a picture of wealth and poverty side by side!
F: And what a wonderful world of fashions, too!
A: Beware of pick pockets and swindlers.
F: Oh, how dull/ disgusting it is to wait on a platform!
A: Even a sick bed isn't so dull.
F: Isn't the train running to time?
A: No the train is late by one hour.
F: Now look.
Our train is entering roaring and breathing out smoke.
A: But how charming this furious lady is!
She will give us a room in her heart!
F: This noise is only a sign of life.
 It has a music of its own.
A: Yes. Now we will have our lunch on the train.

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