Thursday, 21 November 2013

Conversation between husband and wife in train

Dialogue Writing

Conversation between husband and wife in train

Husband: We have just caught the train.
Wife: Now we should get on the train.
H: Oh, what a rush!
W: And what a noise, too!
Even a fish market isn't so noisy.
H: I can't stand the nasty smell of biri and hookah.
W: There is no room on any berth.
H: There is a little standing room only.
Musafir: Why have you trampled on my toe?
You might should stand erect.
H: Sorry, but don't you see I'm being pulled and pushed?
W: Look boy, don't spit over here.
Boy: Why? Haven't I paid the fare?
W: Yes, you have. But have you bought this place to spit on?
Ticket collector: Ticket, please. Can I see your ticket please?
Will you show your ticket please?
Husband and wife: Show the ticket.
wife and Husband: What! Ticket! Tickets are with you aren't they?
H: They must be in the purse.
W: No they can't be in the purse. Have you searched your pocket book?
H: Yes, I have.
W: Then the tickets must be in your trouser pocket.
H: Yes, here they are.
W: Oh, you always forget.
Your pocket is a sort of museum.
H: Lo, my purse is gone.
W: Now, let's pull the chain to stop the train.
H: Now, I will never travel second.
It's nothing short of a hell.

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