Friday, 8 November 2013

Sample landlord letters and tenant

Requesting the landlady to reduce rent

Dear Mrs...................
This is to request you to reduce the rent of the premises being occupied by me by Rs. 500 per month.
The rent of this house was fixed some eight years back when there was an acute shortage of housing accommodation. The housing position has definitely improved during the last three years and the rent in our locality is comparatively lower than what I am paying. Besides, I think I have always paid all your dues in time without asking you to carry out any repairs in the premises. Even the cost of white washing every year has been borne by me although it is quite contrary to the agreement.
I am sure in view of our long relations you will consider my request and reduce the rent from next month.
Yours faithfully,
Reply to above.
I am in receipt of your letter.
I am indeed proud of having such a nice tenant in my premises. I have always considered you my real my brother. I wish I could do something in the matter. But as you are aware, the house taxes have now gone up very high as compared to what they were eight years ago. Besides, I am a widow and this is the only source of my income. Any reduction in the rent would upset my whole monthly budget and I am afraid I shall not be able to meet the same.
I hope you will appreciate the position.
Yours faithfully,

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