Friday, 6 December 2013

A dialogue between daughter and mother about going to a birthday party

  Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between daughter and mother about going to a birthday party

Sonia: Where are you going mother?
Mother: I am going to attend Hadiqa's birthday party be ready.
S: Oh, Mummy! I had forgotten I am just getting ready.
M: Hurry up Sonia!
S: I am ready now Mummy Where Hadiqa lives whether far away?
M: No, very near we shall take hardly 15 minutes to reach.
S: Mummy Hadiqa is the daughter of your friend isn't it?
M: Yes Sonia how many times I will have to tell you?
S: What will you present her?
M: I have bought a frock for her.
(They reach there)
Maria: Hello Shabana hello sweet Sonia you are too late. Has mr. Babar not come?
Shabana: So sorry Maria he had an urgent piece of work that's why he could not come.
 He has best wishes to Hadiqa. Where is she?
M: Just see she is coming.
S: Hello Hadiqa wish you happy birthday.
Hadiqa: Thanks! Good evening Aunti.
S: Good evening Hadiqa.
May you live long! Here your birthday present.
Hadiqa: Oh, a Frock! How pretty!  Thanks.
M: Hadiqa you take Sonia with you and play.
Hadiqa: Come Sonia, I will show you other presents.
S: Mummy we would like to see the presents.
M: How lovely Sonia is come Shabana.
S: What is this?
M: It's key train.
S: How nice who presented it?
M: This is presented by our governess.
She loves Hadiqa very much.
S: Has Hadiqa not to slice cake?
S: Yes hadiqa putt off the candles first and distribute the slices of cake among all.
M: Come shabana let us have something.
S: Well Maria let us move.
M: O.K. thank you for your kind visit.

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