Saturday, 7 December 2013

A dialogue between a employer and employee

  Dialogue Writing

 A dialogue between a employer and employee

Sir: Chand come her.
Servant: Yes sir.
Sir: What are you doing?
Servant: Sir, I am cooking food.
Sir: Hurry up! I am getting late to my office.
Servant: Sir wait a little But....
Sir: Yes, yes tell me don't hesitate.
Servant: I needed leave for 5-6 days.
Sir: 5-6 days leave! Why What piece of work do you have?
Servant: Sir, I have to go to my village.
Sir: But who will work here?
Servant: My wife will work.
Sir: Alright but what for are you going?
Servant: My mother is not well. I will take a few patent medicines from here.
Sir: O.K. you may go.
Servant: Will you be kind enough to give me some advance?
Sir: You may take your salary of this month in advance.
Servant: So nice of you sir. I will go this evening.

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