Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A dialogue between mother and son

Dialogue Writing

 A dialogue between mother and son

Mother: Are you not to go to the office today? Get up it is seven now.
Son: I am to go a little late.
M: By what time will you go?
S: At 2 O'clock after lunch.
M: What should I cook in Lunch?
S: Prepare such dish which has never been prepared as yet.
M: What such dish may be?
S: Well prepare potato vegetable and parantha.
M: Do you relish these?
S: I will sandwich them.
M: Will you like rice kheer?
S: Yes why not?
M: Now leave the bed and take a bath first.
S: O yes shoes are to be polished and also I have to go to my friend for some urgent work.
M: The table is already laid.

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