Thursday, 12 December 2013

A dialogue between two friends about a garden

  Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends about a garden

Adeela: Who is outside? Please wait, I am just coming to open the door.
Sabah: Oh! please open the door quickly.
A: Oh, you Sana why are you making a noise?
S: Matter is like that.
A: What happened? Will you speak or not?
S: Today some guests are coming. I need some flowers to decorate home.
A: You will get flowers from that garden which is in front.
S: Then hurry up.
A: Please wait, just going.
S: See how beautiful this jasmine is looking!
A: With jasmine these roses will look nice in your flower-pot.
S: No, not roses.
A: Why? It is very strange, do you not like roses?
S: I like white roses not red one.
A: What about this marigold?
S: It is alright but let's pluck mangolia and Narcissus.
S: Because these are the queens of perfumes.
A: See Sana, how soft the grass of this garden is!
S: Which flowers are these?
A: Perhaps these are dasies.
S: These are not like dasies, these are other flowers.
A: May be but looking beautiful.
S: Yes they are.
A: See gardener is coming. It can be that he may give some flowers.
S: Ask quickly.
Gardener: Oh, dear daughter sana, have you come to take flowers?
S: Yes, Mali Chacha, some guests are coming, I want some flowers.
G: Adeela, today you have not come to take mangolia for your hair?
A: I had no time in the morning. Now I will take.
Gardener: Let's go then I will give you some different flowers...take these.
S: Adeela........Thank you Mali Chacha.

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