Saturday, 14 December 2013

A dialogue between two friends about food

  Dialogue Writing

 A dialogue between two friends about food

Adeel: Let's dine out today.
Waqas: How nice! haven't had a bit since morning.
The good lady (wife) is out.
But I haven't any money on me, Who will foot the bill?
A: I will sand a dinner.
W: Let's then have our dinner at a restaurant.
A: Where is the bill of fare?
Waiter: What! Beg your pardon.
A: Where's the menu? What's today's special?
Waiter: Here's the menu, sir.
A: All right, Lt's have one plate of polao and half a plate of chicken curry.
W: How do you like it?
A: Oh, it is too spicy. It just whips the tongue.
W: Oh, it stings. My mouth is burning.
How about sweets?
Would you like to have some rasgullas?
A: Yes, I should very much like to.
W: How many rasgullas can you eat?
A: Four to five.
W: What! Only five! What a tiny appetite you have!
A: Now let's have coffee.
W: Two coffees, please.
A: How did you like this dinner?
W: Of, it wasn't much of a dinner.
A: Yes, it was just an apology for a dinner.
Nothing is sweeter than home.
W: Yes, distance lends charms to the view.
A: Let's now hurry home.

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