Friday, 13 December 2013

A dialogue between two friends in a restaurant

  Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends  in a restaurant

Emraan: Let us go to some restaurant. Kashif Ali.
Kashif Ali: I am also feeling tired. Is there any restaurant near about?
E: Now a days there is a large number of restaurants every where.
K: But let us go in that restaurant where there is peace.
E: Let us see.
K: See how will be this New Restaurant?
E: No friend. This is not a nice one. We will get rush over here.
K: Let us see another one.
E: A new restaurant is opened recently near plaza Cinema see there.
(But go in that new restaurant)
K: Yes it's a quiet place. There is enough room and we can sit comfortably.
(Both sit there and enjoy the atmosphere of all sides. Then waiter comes)
Waiter: Yes please.
E: What will you take Kashif?
Tea or Coffee.
K: As you like?
E: (To waiter) Two coffee and two plates of potato chops.
Waiter: All right Sir.
K: See that fat man. How much he is eating!
E: Then only he will become fat.
K: Oh! tomorrow is the marriage of Waqas; we have to go there also.
E: Then what about our picture programmer. I forgot totally about that.
K: See, waiter has come with coffee.
E: Coffee is really good and these chops are also tasteful.
K: Will you take anything more?
E: No, Thanks.
K: (To waiter) Bring the bill.
E: Please Take.
K: Oh! 70 rupees how?
E: Sir, Rs. 30 per coffee and 35 per plate of potato chops.
K: All right.
E: Take this amount with Rs. 20 extra of your serving.
Waiter: Many many thanks so to you sir.
K: Let us go this is movie time.
E: O.K. Let us go.

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