Friday, 6 December 2013

A dialogue between two girls about a patient

  Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two girls about a patient

Sonia: How is your brother now?
Maria: Little better than before.
S: Who is treating him?
M: Dr. Shehzad.
S: What disease he is suffering from?
M: Doctor says that he has anaemia.
S: Why don't you take your brother to a hospital?
M: He is taken to hospital also.
S: How long has he been suffering?
M: For the last one month.
S: He has grown very weak, you should consult a specialist.
M: No, Dr. Shehzad is a good doctor. His medicine is giving relief to my brother.
S: More rest is required even after he recovers fully.
M: Yes you are right.
S: What has he suggested to eat?
M: Only green vegetables and fruits are recommended.
S: You should give more fruits.

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