Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Conversation with a friend

English conversation practice

Conversation with a Friend

Wali: Which film you would like to see on coming Sunday?
Ahmed: I won't see film any on coming Sunday I have to go my aunt's house.
W: When are you coming to us?
A: On Tuesday at 11 a.m.
W: When did you meet Shahid?
A: I met him last Monday.
W: Where does Shahid live?
A: Shahid lives in Taj Bagh.
W: Why have you left his company?
A: I do not like his nature.
W: Who is you next driend?
A: My next friend is Aqeel.
W: What class is he in?
A: He is also with me in the same class.
w: Who is your fast friend among both?
A: Aqeel is my fast friend.
W: Does he also love you most?
A: Definitely of course.

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