Thursday, 9 January 2014

From father to son enquiring about the choice of profession in life

From father to son enquiring about the choice of profession in life

I was away to England when you left this place for college. I returned only last week and could not write to you earlier owing to certain office work.
I am glad you have been able to secure admission in the college. Since you are just starting the college career and after this you night have to start your professional career immediately, I would like to know what subjects you have selected and what is in your mind to  do after completing your studies. No doubt, I have always desired you to be a businessman but your choice stands first.
Give me your frank opinion. Do not hesitate. As all parents want to see their children prosper so do we. You are now passing through the most critical stage of your life. If you are a bit sensible and responsible, for which of course, I am proud you can make your career other wise these college days never come back and so does not come one's career.
I hall await your early reply.
Love from Mummy and Aamir.
Your loving father,
Reply to above.
My dear Father,
I have received your letter and I am glad to note that you have come back to Pakistan.
I am extremely sorry for not writing to you during the period you were out of Pakistan. There is no special reason except my laziness.
I have taken Advanced Accountancy and Auditing as my special subjects. Although the subjects are quite new to me, I find them interesting. After completing my B. Com. I want to join the Chartered Accountants' firm and pass the Chartered Accountants Examination. I feel I can be of much assistance to you in working as an Accountant in your firm. Not only will the accounts be maintained properly but also it will be maintained secretly. To be very frank, I do not like Mr. Javed Iqbal our present Accountant, although he is your personal friend. He can of course continue his work with us but I would like to take complete charge of accounts of your firm.
I am sure you will endorse my views.
Salam to all.
Yours loving son,

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