Wednesday, 29 January 2014

 I wont say "I'll never make u cry

 I wont say "I'll never make u cry

I wont say "I'll never make u cry

 But I'll make u smile before your tears get  dry...,

 I wont say "I'll never tell u a lie;

 But If I do, I do it for a reason, some day I'll  tell u why...,

 I don't say "we'll never have a fight";

 But I'll say I'm really sorry when I realize u were right...,

 I don't say "Life together will be... easy & bright"

 But when things get tough...,

 I'll hold u tight to me....,

 I got nothing more to say,

 I got nothing more to prove.....,

 But Always remember....

 I will always L-O-V-E- Y-O-U!

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