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Letter of Introduction Sample

Letter of Introduction Sample
My dear ...................

The bearer of this letter is my friend {Nazir}. He is coming to Karachi in connection with an interview for the post of Welfare Officer in Lever Brother Limited. He is quite new to your city. I have suggested him to stay with you till his interview is over which is expected to last for four days. I hope you will like Mr. {Nazir} and shall be able to arrange small accommodation for him for this short period. Any other assistance you give him will be deemed as a personal favour to me.
 How are you getting on with your job now? If I am not mistaken, in your last letter you wrote me that you were having some differences with your Manager. Dear {Zubair}, I would suggest you to clear your differences with him and have a peaceful office atmosphere.
{Rani} remembers her uncle and auntie very much.

Yours as ever,

Reply to above

My dear ........................
I have received your letter sent through Mr. {Nazir}. You will be glad to know that he has been successful in his interview and he will be returning to Lahore tomorrow. He shall come back next month to join his duties. Mr. {Nazir} is really a good boy and I am thankful to you for introducing him to me. During these three days of his stay with us we have got mixed so much that we felt as if we knew each other for the last many years.
As you know it is difficult to get a good accommodation in Karachi. I have suggested Mr. {Nazir} to stay with us as a paying guest when he comes back till he is able to find some suitable accommodation for himself and for his would be wife who, I learn, would be coming after three months, when Mr. {Nazir} gets married.
You will also be glad to know that owing to his rude behaviour the services of our Manager have finally been terminated with effect from Saturday. I am now working as Officiating Manager. My case has been recommended to the management and very likely I shall be promoted as Manager.
Love to {Rani} and Salam to {Bhabi} from both of us. I am sending some sweets for dear Rani through Mr. Nazir.
Yours sincerely,

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