Monday, 20 January 2014

Sample Complaint Letter to Neighbor

Personal Letters Sample

Complaint to neighbour about the behaviour of children
Dear Mrs.....................

Yours son Warris is such a dear that I hesitate writing anything against him. Until last Tuesday I considered him a very good boy and had nothing except words of praise to say.
My ailing sister has come down here for treatment. On Tuesday last, many children of our locality were playing near the window of my sister's room. They were making a big noise and doctor had advised that children should not play near that place. Everyone obeyed, but Warris would not listen. So much so that he came quite near the window and yelled. He has repeated this many a time during the last three days and has not cared to listen even to Mr. Tanvir who suggested him not to do like that. I hope you will make him understand that such a thing is not nice for a good boy like him and that he should not repeat it again.
I am sure your words would be sufficient and I shall not have to think of any other means.

Yours sincerely,

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