Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Sample letter from father to son

Sample letter from father to son

Today I sent a money order for Rs. 500.00 although you had asked for Rs. 400.00 only. The surplus of Rs. 100.00 you should deposit in the bank so that in case of some urgent need you have not to depend on anyone. Do not withdraw this money unless you feel it is unavoidable. Also, if possible you should try to save 50/60 rupees from your monthly budget and deposit the same. This will encourage your saving habit and will be a sort of experience before you actually start you professional career.
Shamim is knitting a sweater for you and so is Kausar. As usual there is tough competition between them. But I am sure Shamim will win because your Mummy gives too much housework to Kausar. In any case you will be lucky to receive both the gifts say in another fortnight's time. The winter season has now sent in and I would like you to be a little more careful because your city is colder than ours and you are not habituated to that cold climate.
Write to me as often as you can. If you want anything do not feel shy. For any guidance and advice there you can meet Abdul Rashid, whose address is with you. He is my college friend and will do what ever is possible.
With love from all of us,
Yours loving father,
Reply to above

My dear Father/Respected Father,
I have received your letter and money order for Rs. 500.00 as instructed today I deposited Rs. 100.00 in the bank. I promise I shall withdraw this amount unless it is very necessary. I shall also try to save Rs. 50/60 every month and deposit the same in my account.
I am glad to know that both Shamim and Kausar are knitting sweaters for me. I do need them as I am not having any woolen clothes with me and the winter season has already set in.
We are having weekly tests here and that keeps us busy all these days. So in case I am unable to write to you frequently please do not mind.
I have been to Abdul Rashid's house twice. He is very kind to me and so is his wife.
There is very good arrangement for games. Physical exercise is compulsory in our school. You will be glad to know that I am putting on considerable weight. I have no trouble here and I feel quite at home.
Love to Shamim and Kausar and Salam to Mummy.

Your loving son,

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