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Sample letter from sister to brother

Sample letter from sister to brother

You left this place on 20th and it is more than 25 days that we have not heard anything from you. Mummy and Daddy are getting worried.
How is the college life? People are generally made fools of when they first go to college. How about you? I doubt if you could be fooled by anyone because you are very clever. I am sure you have made many new friends and liked the hostel atmosphere. We generally feel bored because there is no one to talk to us. I am always alone in the home. Anyway life is like that. One day or the other everyone has to face such separation for one's career. While you have every freedom there. I am sure you would be responsible and devote much of your time to study rather than wasting time in college canteen and cinemas. We are always proud of you and we wish that you may become a good doctor after completing your studies and fulfill the aim of your life and ambition of your family.
Nothing much to add. Please reply early.
Love from all of us.
Your loving sister.
Reply to above
Letter from brother to sister
I have received your affectionate letter and many thanks for it. I am extremely sorry for not writing to you earlier. There is no special reason for it except my negligence. I am sure you will excuse me this time and I promise to be more regular in future.
It is hardly a month that I have joined the college. How can I say anything about the college life? But one thing is there that fortunately I have got good class mates and also good partners in my hostel room. You might remember your friend Arooj who stays in Model Town. Her brother, Hassan, has also joined this year and is staying in my room in the hostel. He is very nice boy and does not allow me to feel bored.
Well Rani, I am not at all clever. I find that boys are too clever here. And you will be surprised to know how big a fool I was made on my first day in the  college. I asked a couple of students of senior class to guide me to the Principal's office so that I could enquire about my hostel arrangements. They guided me to a room nicely ventilated and curtained of course, there was no sign or name board hanging. First I got a bit hesitant in going there but since received any confirmation of the hostel room, I hurried to the room and opened it and do you know what the room was! A Ladies 'Cloak Room. I will remember this big fun for the whole of my life.
Our regular classes have started only last week and until then we were generally having two/three free periods. I am studying hard right from the very beginning. Rest assured, I am quite responsible although I do spend some time in the cinemas and the college canteen which is unavoidable.
Convey my regards to respected parents and love to yourself.
Your affectionate brother,

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