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Sample letter from sister to sister

Sample letter from sister to sister

I hope this finds you and dear brother  in the best of health.
It is more than three months since you got married and left for Peshawar but to my surprise I have not received a single letter from you. I just cannot understand the reason for it. Maybe that you are so much absorbed in brother that you have forgotten us. I wish that both of you should always be happy but at the same time please do write to us from time to time and keep us in formed about you. Mummy gets very much worried and so is the case with Pappa.
How is Peshawar? Before marriage you were very crazy to see Peshawar and now I think you must have seen all the good places.
Life here in Lahore is just a routine. Your brother does not get much time from the office and as usual he comes quite late in the night. Bobby is not keeping well and suffering from fever since last night.
I have not been to Mummy's place for the last eight days.
Rest is all fine. If you want anything from this side please write to us.
Do not fail to write a letter to Mummy and to me.
With love from all of us. Bobby is now going to bed and he says good night to his auntie.
Your lovingly,
Reply to above.
My dear.............,.
I have just received your letter and am reply by the first mail.
I am sorry for not writing to you and to dear Mummy earlier but it was all unavoidable as for more than two months we were out of Peshawar. We had been to Swat and Chitral. All these places are very beautiful. I have not yet seen Swat in full but I have been to some of the important places. Our trip was very interesting Frankly sister, your Brother is very nice and he wants that we should see all the good places and enjoy our lives. With the grace of the Almighty he is having very good business. We have got an independent house of four rooms. We have got two cars two servants and everything of modern amenities at our house. My in laws are also very good. Specially  my respected mother in law loves me very much and never makes me feel home sick.
I am extremely sorry to learn Bobby is not keeping well. It is more than six months now and still Bobby is not improving. I suggest, sister, you better consult some good doctor and enquire if a change in the climate will be good for his health. I have herd that sometimes climate of Peshawar is very good for children. I think if you come here or at least manage to send Bobby he will improve. I have also not seen in for the last three months and I always feel separated.
So much for the present and rest in the next letter. I am also writing to respected Mummy. When you got next there please tell her that she should not get worried.
Your loving sister,

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