Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Sample letter from uncle to niece from foreign country

Sample letter from uncle to niece from foreign country

My little Asha, how are you? You seem to have for gotten Small uncle. In my last two envelopes addressed to your Daddy, I had sent separately letters for you and asked you to write to me. I have received replies for both of them but to my disappointment you have not written me anything.
Your auntie and myself are coming to Pakistan next month. Nargis will stay here in the hostel and her examination is drawing near. I shall bring very good toys and ready made skirts for you. If you want anything else write to me by return of post.
With love from all of us.
Your loving uncle,
Reply to above

My dear Uncle,
I'm quite well and hope that you, respected auntie and Nargis are well there.
I have received your letter and I am glad to know that you are coming to Pakistan next month. I have received your previous two letters also but I am sorry I could not reply as I was a little busy with my third quarterly examination. Fortunately, I have got very good marks and have stood second in the class. My friends Baby and baby got third and fourth positions. In the final examination I must stand first because I have made a bet with my these friends and if I don't stand first then uncle, I will have to par Rs. 10.000 both of my friends.
It is very kind of you uncle that you always bring so many gifts for me. I have got plenty of toys and skirts and they are all new because only last month my birth day was celebrated and everybody give me toys and skirts. You bring a small transistor for me.
Mummy and Daddy are fine and they remember you all. My Salam to Aunti Sahiba and love to dear Nargis.
Your loving niece,

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