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Science and Education Essay

Science and Education Essay
 Huxley, who was a great champion of scientific education, said The position that science is now assuming is such that those who remain entirely ignorant of even its elementary facts are in a wholly unfair position as regards the world of thoughts and the world of practical life. Science is the main ingredient in the scheme of liberal education outlined by Huxley. Click here to continue reading.

Science in its earliest form was an attempt by man to understand nature and to more systematically exploit its bounties to satisfy his instinctive need for food, shelter and protection. This prehistoric man was a scientist to the extent that he could distinguish plants and animals that were useful from those which were deleterious. He learnt to make fire and built crude implements. Click here to continue reading.
The modern age is the age of science. The influence of science can be seen in every walk of life. Science has provided us with many wonders. If our ancestors happen to visit the modern world they will not be able to recognize it. Click here to continue reading.

The present is an age of science. Now-a-days in all civil-ised parts of the world people live and move and even think in terms of science and its gifts to mankind. It has rendered possible a safe flight in the air, safety in finer, transmission of news of various kinds from one comer of the world to another in no time, and so on and so forth.  Click here to continue reading.
 Science and Human Happiness
Modern age is the age of science, and much of human happiness depends on the way in which an makes use of the vast power that science has placed in his hands. In fact it is impossible to imagine how the modern man can survive in the absence of the various discoveries and inventions which the scientists have made from time to time and in which have rendered his life comfortable and worth living. Click here to continue reading.
Science and Modern Warfare
 Science and war are intimately connected with each other the first instance that we have in history when science became the handmaid of war was in 212 B.C. when Archimedes the great scientist helped his cousin the tyrant of Syracuse to defend the city against the Romans. Plutarch the famous historian giving an account of the engines of the destruction invented by Archimedes writes to make him some engines both the assault and defend in all manners of sieges and assaults so Archimedes made him many engines but. Click here to continue reading.

Technical Education
In the present day of keen competition and hard struggle, general education is found to be sadly insufficient to procure for man has livelihood. Click here to continue reading.

Education For Women
Women have to play every role in the society, so there are many advantages of education for women. Click here to continue reading.  

Education Vouchers in Principle and Practice
An education voucher system exists when governments make payments to families that enable their children to enter public or private school of of their choice. Click here to continue reading.

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