Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sympathy Letter Sample

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Sympathy Letter Sample

I am very much shocked to read today's newspaper. If I ever know that I will have to be sorry after looking for your roll number in the paper, I would never have bought it. With the preparation made by you we were all expecting a first class for you. Even your last quarterly examination showed an excellent result. God only knows what has happened. We turn to God in our dismay and say that our disappointments are his appointments.
Well dear Mushtaq, you must nt be discouraged. Life is like that. We have instances of great men before us to guide. May I, however suggest you to change your college. A change in the college will relieve you from past surroundings and I hope you will be able to do much better.

With love and sympathies from my parents,
Yours sincerely,

I have received your letter and I am sorry to note that you have suffered heavy losses in your business as your partner deceived you.
The way you worked during the last three years is worth appreciating and it was because of your hard labour that the business achieved the real success. Unfortunately, your ex-manager and then a partner has not cooperated with you and just for a few thousands disclosed all the secrets of your trade to your competitors. To hear that he has also embezzled Rs. 50,000 in cash is another great shock. Anyway do not get discouraged and take things lightly. I shall be glad to be of any assistance to you. If at any time you feel the necessity of money, I can help you to the extent of Rs. 25000. or a little more. However, I would suggest you to change your present business and start some allied business for which you have some knowledge or which you can gain without much difficulty.
Would you find convenient to come down here for a change for a few days? I shall be delighted to have your company.
Remember, If wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost if character is lost everything is lost. So practically you have not lost anything you have gained a big experience which I hope will be of much help and guidance to you in days to come.
With love.
Yours sincerely,

I am shocked to hear that your services have been terminated with effect form 1st the reason being general retrenchment owing to national emergency. It is still more difficult to get an alternative job. However you must not get discouraged as you are not the the only sufferer.
Think it is a passing phase and take things lightly.
Well dear Niazi why won't you think of taking up a job in a private concern? With the experience you gained during the last few months in connection with making heavy purchases. I hope it should not be much difficult to get a suitable job in a private concern.
If I can be of any help please feel free to write.
With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,

Nargis came to our house this morning and informed that dear Roohi is sick for the last few days and has been admitted to hospital since yesterday. I am extremely sorry to learn about it. How is it that you have not in formed me about the same? I had myself been thinking of coming to your home for the last many days but as you know as the financial year of our company is to close by the end of this month there is too much work in the office. I am coming home as last as 10 p.m. As I was in a hurry, I could not get the full details from Nargis. What is actually wrong with Roohi? May God help her to be all right soon and back to her house!
I am sending some toys and flowers for Roohi through my servant. My wife and children are all out of the town on a pleasure trip to Quetta and will be back only by the end of next month.
I shall try to come to see Roohi on Friday.
With love to her.
Yours sincerely,

My dear......................
I am grieved to hear the sad news about the death of your respected father. Your loss is immense and I do not know how to express myself o such an occasion. His death was untimely and he has left many responsibilities for you getting your sister married and looking after your ailing mother. May God give peace to his soul and power to you in performing your duties and carrying out the ideals of your father.
Dear Rafique, I am always there to help you. If I can do anything for you please do not hesitate in telling me.
With deepest sympathy,
Yours sincerely,

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