Sunday, 9 February 2014

Motor Tax

Sample Letter to the Editor

Motor Tax
The levy of the motor vehicle tax is becoming a complicated affair. It is common knowledge that almost every one who owns conveyance finds it difficult to pay the tax every quarter and obtain the token, Much time is lost and there is a case for simplifying the procedure.
No car, bus or lorry can run without petrol or diesel oil. A small levey of 2 or 3 P, per litre of fuel as motor vehicle tax will give much relief to motorists, bus and lorry owners. As every one is aware the consumption of fuel increases with the  horse power of the vehicle.
The busy businessmen who make use of the road considerably will pay more tax than the economy minded official or salaried employee who will pay less. The tourists can afford to pay a little more. The tax can be collected from the oil companies at source. The owner will be spared all the trouble in obtaining the licence. The staff of the Regional Transport Authority can be utilized elsewhere more usefully.
As regards insurance, the companies can be asked to report cases where there is no renewal on account of third party risks when the owners can be asked to do the needful as with the radio licence renewal which is working satisfactorily.

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