Monday, 3 February 2014

Sample Letter to the Editor

Sample Letter to the Editor
National Anthem

The Chairman of the Lahore Muslim League's appeal is indeed timely and calls for a serious thought on the part of the authorities. It is true that the audience exhibit no patience at the end of a show to stand in reverence while the National Anthem is being played. This is due to many reasons some are forced by habit and others from the anxiety felt by most people to catch the earliest train or bus to their distant suburban homes. This is particularly noticeable at the end of the last show.
The Government's threat to cancel licences of cinemas whose managements fail to keep the audience inside the halls during the time the National Anthem is being played must prove effective. The still more effective way would be to play the National Anthem just before the commencement of the feature film and request the audience to keep standing during the period it is being played. The suggestion of Mr. Noor, appearing in the last Friday's paper, may not prove much effective as many people are not interested in seeing cine advertisements and hence if the National Anthem is played before starting the exhibition of the advertisements, many people will abstain from entering cinema halls.

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