Saturday, 8 February 2014

University Admission

Sample Letter to the Editor

University Admission

The population of the country is fast increasing and so are the educational institutions yet the total colleges in the country are unable to cope with the demand for the same. Quite a large number of students who are unable to get admission start thinking of jobs which too are not easily available. The difficulty arises mainly in the case of students with average pass percentage ad seeking admission in science classes. Undoubtedly the percentage of marks shows the average intelligence of a candidate, yet there are always certain other genuine cases which fail to get good percentage because of their ailment or such other causes in their family. They thus fail to get the chance of admission which otherwise might prove very helpful to them as also to the nation as whole. It is high time the Ministry of Education does something to keep the education standard of the country on a par with other countries nd make available greater facilities for education.

Yours, etc.

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