Saturday, 8 February 2014

Urdu Medium

Sample Letter to the Editor

Urdu Medium
The suggestion of various political parties asking teachers to prepare their cross notes in Urdu is not only impracticable but unworkable too. Lack of exact terminology is the main flaw in the system. Even if this is over come, the difficulty arises because most of the books and manuscripts are in English. English is by far the popular language in the world are available in this language only. Urdu has become somewhat popular only after partition more particularly during the last five/six years.
While the implementation of Urdu as the National Language must be praised by one and all, the ripe stage must be awaited. Owing to vast and varied languages in our country, continuance of English will still be for some time to come. Urdu should, however, be made more and more popular side by side to replace English in due course of time.

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