Sunday, 9 February 2014

Women Employees

Sample Letter to the Editor

Women Employees
In the pharmaceutical factories there exists a provision in the employment contract to dismiss women employees on there getting married. There is no law specifically prohibiting this undesirable and unhealthy practice. It is high time this obnoxious practice is checked by force of public opinion, and if necessary by suitable legislation.
Women from a large chunk of the packing staff of the pharmaceutical factories and their wages are lower than those of men. Furthermore, if men are employed, they have to be given all the benefits of long term service such as gratuity and P.F. If women after marriage continue in service, the factories have in addition to provide certain maternity benefits in proportion to the number of women employed.
Women re now dismissed after marriage solely with a view to denying them the benefits of the social welfare legislation. At the same time, so long as they are employed they provide cheap labour. This is a fit case for women's organizations in the country to take up. They should see that such handicaps wherever they are be removed.

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