Friday, 28 March 2014

A dialogue between a foreigner and a waiter

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between a  foreigner and a waiter

Waiter: Where did you come from?
Foreigner: I came from France.
W: When did you arrive here?
F: I came here last day.
W: How many days will you stay in Islamabad?
F: I shall stay here for two months.
W: Why did you come here?
F: For visit.
W: What do you do in France?
F: I am an Oriental Teacher.
W: Which language is taught by you?
F: I teach Urdu there.
W: Why did you select this language?
F: I thought it perfect and easy.
W: Since how long you have been teaching this language?
F: I have been teaching this language for ten years.
W: How many times have you visited Pakistan?
F: Four times.
W: How did you find Pakistan?
F: I found it well in all respect.
W: Did you come here straight?
F: No, I landed in Karachi and stayed there for one month.
W: Will you come to Pakistan next year?
F: Perhaps.
W: How many children do you have?
F: I have only one son.
W: Have you not been blessed with a daughter?
F: No. But I need this blessing also. Please, let me sleep because I am very tired. Thank you.
W: Goodbye.
F: Goodbye.

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