Saturday, 29 March 2014

A dialogue between two friends about immigration

Dialogue Writing
A dialogue between two friends about immigration

Ahmed: Have you ever thought of going abroad.
Babar: Yes, so many times.
A: Have you ever applied?
B: Yes, twice, rather, thrice.
A: But you are still here.
B: Yes, I am a 'Iucky' person, I am always rejected.
A: So, that is the story.
B: Yes, a sad one.
A: Why are people so much interested in going abroad?
B: It has social, economic, and God knows what sort of reasons.
B: Have you ever tried?
A: Not so far.
B: There is no harm in applying.
A: Actually, I am not that crazy.
B: But I am very much.
A: Any relatives of yours living abroad?
B: Only distant ones.
B: What about you?
A: I can not even count.
B: Then, why don't you...........
 A: I have told you, I have no............
B: Had I been in your place, I would have left long long ago.
A: Everyone has his own preferences.
B: Yes, it is so.
A: Almost half of my family is abroad.
B: Really, strange.
A: There is nothing strange in it. It is just the stroke of luck.
B: Won't you call it chance.
A: It is your perception.
B: If I get a chance, I won't ever come back.
A: Where are your patriotic feelings.
B: Everything is dead.
A: One should not be that depressed.
B: Yes, but how?

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