Sunday, 30 March 2014

A dialogue between two friends about love

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends about love

Abbas: How do you take love?
Bakhtawer: It's just nonsense.
A: Do you mean it?
B: No, I was just joking.
A: I thought you were serious.
B: No, not at all.
A: Have you ever fallen in love?
B: It is very difficult to say, whether it was love or something else.
A: Whatever it was, do tell something about.
B: Actually, you can call it liking.
A: Who was that unlucky girl?
B: She was a distant relative of mine.
A: Who took the first step?
B: Perhaps she, or perhaps I.
A: Was it a success?
B: Yes, in a way.
A: What happened? Did she get marry?
B: The same old story.
A: It means, she got.
B: Yes, she did.
A: Against her will?
B: I think, it was so.
A: It is really sad.
B: No, no, such things are part of life.
A: What was your feeling at that time?
B: I was shocked for some time.
A: Are you fit now?
B: Yes, absolutely fit.
A: Do you feel sort of pinch?
B: Not in routine, on some special occasions.
A: Yes, it is natural.
B: Yes, certainly it is.
A: Actually, I believe in spiritual love.
B: That's what love is.

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