Monday, 31 March 2014

A dialogue between two friends about a rainy day

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two  friends about a rainy day

Kashif: Hello! Abid, how are you?
Abid: I am safe and sound today but was not so yesterday.
K: What happened yesterday?
A I encountered heavy rain when I was going to bazaar to buy few things for cooking.
K: Why did you not take an umbrella with you.
A Indeed the sky was clear and no piece of clouds was there when I left my home at noon.
K: How did you save yourself?
A I could not save myself.
K: Why did you not search any shelter?
A There was no building so I could not save my self from rain and wind storm.
K: What did you feel when your were alone at that time?
A The flashes of lightening and thundering of clouds frightened me and I felt that perhaps, that was the last day of my life.
K: What you did then?
A I ran to my home without shopping.
K: Why did you do so?
A It was the only way to save myself.
K: When did rain and storm stop?
A The storm and rain stopped after an hour.
K: When did you come back to your home?
A I came back after two hours.
K: Why did you come so late?
A The streets were full of rainy water. The water took some time to lower its level. When the floor of streets appeared again then I was able to go to home.

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