Sunday, 30 March 2014

A dialogue between two friends about journalists

Dialogue Writing

 A dialogue between two friends about journalists  

Yasir: For how long have you been in the profession of journalism?
Owais: Some five, six years.
Y: I thought you were inexperienced.
O: Five, six year experience means nothing, so, in a way, I am new.
Y:  Whatever you are, but you are far more experienced than me.
O: Yes, you can say. What about your experience?
Y:  (Laughing) nothing like experience. I joined this field some months ago.
O: Doesn't matter. Everyone is inexperienced in the start.
Y:  Yes it is true, but even then, sometimes, you feel frustrated.
O: Yes, it is part of the game.
Y:  You know, in the early stages, one gets almost nothing, but there is a hell of work.
O: (Consoling) don't you worry. Things will turn O.K.
Y:  I am afraid, I will quit this job.
O: No, no, not even think like this.
Y:  Are you satisfied with this job.
O: I am not satisfied, but I am not dissatisfied.
Y:  What do you mean? isn't it paltering?
O: Actually, the thing is, one has to compromise with the circumstances.
Y:  How can one? when everybody goes on snubbing you.
O: I do understand you, but with the passage of time one becomes used to.
Y:  Thanks for encouraging me a bit.
O: No, no, it's just O.K. I can help you practically too.
Y:  You are really great.
O: It's not so.

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