Monday, 17 March 2014

A dialogue between two friends to set time

Dialogue Writing
A dialogue between two friends to set time

Salman: What is the time by your watch?
Rahat: It is 5 o'clock by my watch.
S: Please hurry up, if you wish to catch train for Lahore.
R: When will it leave the station?
S: It will leave the station after an hour.
R: We should not worry because we have an hour.
S: No this time is not sufficient for us.
R: What are you doing at this time?
S: I am lying in my bed.
R: When will you leave your bed?
S: I am getting up. I shall take break fast after Fajar Prayer.
R: Please hurry up for the sake of God. Because in case of being late, our train can be missed. Do not waste your time. Your now that time does not wait for anyone.

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