Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A dialogue between two idle students about the approaching examination

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two idle students about the approaching examination

Ahmad: I hate examinations.
Farhan: Why?
A: I became ill to know the date of examination.
F: Why are you worrying about it?
A: Because I was not ready for it. I am the only son of my parents. I have to do all my domestic work.
F: Are you only one son?
A: No. I have two sisters. One out of them is elder and an other is younger. I do not like that they go out. I am their only brother. It is my duty to look after them as a guardian. For this, I could not prepare the examination properly.
F: Very good. Every brother should be like you.
A: But it is our duty to prepare for the examination along with work. Have you prepared for examination?
F: Yes. But I do not have house like you. My elder brother is also cruel like my father. What should I do at this time when the examination is near.
A: In which subject you are weak?
F: In English.
A: Any other?
F: In physics.
A: An idea has come to my mind.
F: What is that?
A: We should go to our teachers and ask the guess of both subjects.
F: Very good. (They go to teacher)
A: May I come in sir?
Teacher: Yes, What can I do for you?
F: We want to see you and Arabic teacher Sir Kashif.
Both students: You both know about us that we are weak in physics and English. Please these subject so that we can pass.
Both teachers: Learn first five chapters in physics and 7 lessons in English.
Both students: Thank you sir.

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