Friday, 28 March 2014

A dialogue between two university students on co-education system

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two university students on co-education system

Waqas: I am very sorry.
Akram: Why?
W: Fraz has been fined.
A: Why?
W:He teased a girl class-fellow.
A: But he is very pious and cannot do this wrong action.
W: Fraz is not at fault.
A: Then who is at fault?
W:: It is only due to co-education.
A: Why?
W: Co-education is the bone of many evils.
A: No, you are wrong. This education system exists all over the world. It has many benefits.
1. This is an economical way of teaching both sexes. The government of Pakistan is not in a strong financial position to teach both sexes separately.
2. This system gives a chance to both boys and girls to understand each other.
3. This system creates a confident atmosphere for future life.
4. This system can easily solve, many of our problems.
W: But Islam does not allow mixing up of male and female. Co-education harms the personalities of both sexes. They indulge in fashion and love affairs. We should not make our daughters the bounties of society but make them good Muslims. The first purpose of education is to read and understand the teaching of Holy Quran as a Holy Book of Allah.
W: Thank you very much for your advice Mr. Akram.

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