Monday, 24 March 2014

A Life in a Big City

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A life in a big city

Life in a big city is very busy and exciting. People work according to a time table and do not like to waste it in idle talk. They are always in hurry and it seems that they are living a mechanical life. In a big city every one is busy in one's own affairs. He has no time for others. He works from morning till night and earns money for his children. People living in big cities know little about one another after living in the same localities and streets for years.
Cities are more clean and pleasant than villages. A big city has many facilities like better education, roads, hospitals, dispensaries, factories and government offices. A great number of people from villages come to the big cities in search of some job. They settle there permanently and cause over crowding.
People living in a big city experience many problems like housing, transport, traffic, playground and number of schools. Their children find it difficult to mix up with other children. Moreover smoke and industrial wastes make the atmosphere dirty.
Life in a big city is no doubt pleasant and comfortable but only for those who can afford it.

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