Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A dialogue between a magistrate and an accused

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between a magistrate and an accused

Magistrate: What is your name
Accused: Nawaz
M: How old are you?
A: I am sixty years old
M: Did you steal one lac from a cloth shop?
A: No. sir
M: But your name is written in F.I.R.
A: My opposite candidate wants to involve me in theft.
M: You are just blaming him
A: I am not blaming him. I am a good citizen of this country. I served my country as a higher secondary teacher in various government colleges
M: But evidences are against you. Why is it so?
A: I am doing work as a social worker in this city and want to participate in election. My opposite candidate is a notorious and a wicked man. He is also a rogue and has been sent to Jail many times. He is also a police tout. There are series of crimes against him. A minister supports him who is his relative.
M: But arguments given by these two persons are against you?
A: Sir, One of them is his servant and other is his brother-in-law. This brother-in-law was arrested red handed in case of opium by other District police and this man is on bail here. He is also demanded in various crimes by police.
M: Show your proof
A: Please see this advertisement with their photos
M: Good. You are released
A: My opposite candidate wanted to keep me away from election but he has failed in his purpose. Good Bye.
M: Good Bye.

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